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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 16, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. gunfire at one of the most famous medical centers in the world. tonight we have learned the man that terrorized johns hopkins hospital is from our area. thanks for joining us. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. police say the gunman shot a doctor, his mother and then himself after becoming angry about his mother's condition. it all played out for hours
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today at johns hopkins hospital. tonight we've learned the gunman and his mother lived in arlington. fox 5 is working all the angles on this story and begin with bob barnard live at the hospital. >> reporter: tonight the johns hopkins hospital is reportedly back operating as usual, but this place was chaotic during the midday. for a little more than two hours thursday one of the nation's most prestigeous hospitals became an uncertain crime scene with shots fired inside baltimore's johns hopkins hospital. >> it's scary just knowing that someone is on the outside on a rampage with a gun in a hospital where we're supposed to be protected. >> reporter: baltimore police say just after 11 a.m. a doctor was shot in the hallway on the eighth floor. the alleged gunman, so not of a female patient originally -- the son of a female patient originally identified as warren davis. >> mr. davis was receiving some news about the care and the
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condition of his mother just outside the doorway to that room when he became emotionally distraught. >> reporter: police say mr. davis was actually paul warren pardus, age 50 of arlington, virginia. they say he pulled a semiautomatic pistol from his pants and shot the physician in the stomach. >> the doctor collapsed just outside the doorway of the room and mr. davis was last seen running into the room, brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother who was confined to the bed. >> reporter: fox news and the baltimore sun are identifying the wounded physician as david cohen, an orthopedic surgeon. >> he was talking and everything like that and i mean he looked -- he appears to be fine to me. >> reporter: meantime nobody knew for certain what was happening inside room 873. >> my boss came running in and he told me exactly what happened, that there was a guy running around with a gun and
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to stay put. >> reporter: the crisis was over around 1:30. >> we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent gunshot wound and that his mother was also unresponsive in her bed. >> reporter: police calling it a murder suicide. now the alleged gunman's mother has been identified as jean davis, not sure why she was in the hospital, but her surgeon specializes in spinal reconstruction. by the way, dr. cohen's wounds are said to be survivable. >> that is good news tonight. hey, bob, what about security at the hospital? how was mr. davis able to get inside? >> reporter: well, that was something asked of the hospital officials. they say and we tried it tonight, anybody can walk into the hospital. you do have to check in and they give you like an id badge, but the hospital says there are 80 entrances around this
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medical school campus and hospital and it's simply impossible to put metal detectors at each door. >> bob barnard live in baltimore tonight, thank you. we are learning a little bit more about the gunman and his mother who lived in arlington, virginia. fox 5's roz plater is investigating that part of the story. what are neighbors telling you? >> reporter: people in arlington know the mother as jean davis and know her son as warren davis. few knew much about them except that this shooting is the last thing they would ever have imagined. neighbors say the mother and son were rarely spotted outside their small neat home here on kenmore street, but it was clear the son was devoted to his elderly mother who had been in and out of the hospital. >> he was the only one there for her. it was like a 24 hour job with him. you saw him, he had her with him or he was going visit her. he rarely ever stayed in the house, though. the hospital was his home. >> reporter: that's why news he is accused of shooting his mother's did, then turning the gun on his mother and himself is stunning. >> the lady had been in there
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and she was very nice. once in a while you'd see her standing out here. if you asked her a question, she'd always talk back to you, but i am really upset and shocked about it. >> he always kept to himself, you know, like a private person. >> reporter: most who live here in the knock community in arlington have been here for years and say the son/mother duo are relative newcomers, but if he was troubled or felt overwhelm taking care of her, he never spoke -- overwhelmed taking care of her, never spoke about it. >> whatever happened, he couldn't take it. he had a good side and he loved his mother and that clearly showed through. whatever maded him do this, we'll never know -- made him do this, we'll never know. i just hope they rest in peace. >> reporter: we've learned that the alleged shooter grew up in remington, virginia, but moved to arlington to take care of his mother and worked as a contract driver for metro access. another big story tonight
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at 10:00, two families mourning tonight after a deadly crash in district heights. three men killed after their suv crossed into the path of an ambulance rushing to an emergency call on marlboro pike. fox 5's maureen umeh is here now with the story. >> the horrific crash was captured on the ambulance's event recording camera. it will be crucial to authorities figuring out what happened. it has not been made public, but we are hearing details. an suv mangled beyond recognition, an ambulance sheared apart from the force of the crash, the aftermath of an accident that happened after midnight thursday on marlboro pike in district heights. all three men inside the suv died. 35-year-old tony burney was a passenger. >> real good guy. >> reporter: the other two victims were uncle and nephew, 22-year-old andre watley was deaf and was about to begin school at galladette university. >> very intelligent bright
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happy child. everyone loved him. >> reporter: emmanuel jones, andre's uncle, was driving. >> they were best friends. >> reporter: a camera like this one inside the ambulance recorded the fast moving suv apparently crossing the double yellow line into the path of the ambulance. public information officer mark brady saw the tape. >> you can see in the distance, the far distance, a set of headlights. there is a second set of headlights that is in the eastbound direction but in their correct lane of travel flicking their lights either attempting to warn the driver that's in the wrong lane or maybe other traffic of the impending danger. >> reporter: brady says the video shows the ambulance driver taking last second evasive action which prevented a head-on collision. the suv tore into the side of the ambulance which did not have a patient inside. the suv then hit a brick wall. a utility pole and flipped over. all three men inside died at the scene. police say there were no obvious signs of alcohol or
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drug use on the scene. the two ambulance workers received only minor injuries. the accident remains under investigation. a utility worker is being treated tonight for life threatening injuries stemming from an accident with an electrical line. the man was in a cherry picker here on third street northeast when it came into contact with live wires. he was rushed to the hospital with serious burns. his name has not been released. a developing story right now out of new york city where a deadly storm ripped through this evening. you can see the wall of wind and rain rolling across brooklyn in this youtube video. tornado warnings were issued there as well as staten island and queens. one person died when the roof was ripped off a building, another killed when a tree fell on top of a car. sue palka was tracking that wild weather when it raced through new york as well as our rainy weather. >> we're kind inform between rounds. we didn't get much out of the -- of in between rounds. we didn't get much out of the
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batch over new york city. there have been three reports of tornadoes in west virginia and six in southeastern ohio. let's start locally because you'll see there's not much showing up around here, the tail end of thunderstorms pushing off the coast of new jersey. delmarva got hit a little harder over there but out to our north and west around cumberland and kaiser here comes another round. there are some severe thunderstorm warnings issued for that region and over to true view, show you the bigger picture as not only the strong storms were exiting the new york city area, brooklyn got hit pretty hard and in queens there's a lot of damage to the high school and you mentioned the two fatalities, but this next line coming ahead of the frontal system some thunderstorms for cumberland and elkins. i want to show you where we've had those tornado warnings as well there in the red and where i this v that tornado symbol is where a lot -- where i have that tornado symbol is where a lot of the touchdowns have been. we'll have to watch that. a frontal system is coming and we do believe as those thunderstorms get closer to d.c. they will diminish, but
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front will come through overnight and we are probably going to have more showers around here in the next several hours. if you get a rumble of thunder, i think the best chance of that is interstate 81 and west. you could get a pretty decent wind gust to perhaps 30 miles an hour. we have think they'll lose rotation coming through the mountains and eventually our temperature will drop to 68 degrees, but we hope we get a little bit more rain. we don't need the damaging wind gusts, but that could be possible in those higher elevations. how about the weekend forecast and the tropics, that's coming up in a bit. outrage after a police officer shot a dog during a busy d.c. festival. tonight dozens of animal lovers gathered to demand answers and fox 5 takes you there coming up next. also ahead coming up we'll tell you about a new cell phone application that will keep people from using their cell phones while driving. also ahead 100 miles to the gallon and millions of dollars in prizes, we're checking out the contests that has inventors creating the cars of the
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future. >> keep right to here. fox 5 news at 10:00 is just getting started.  i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. 
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we're following breaking news right now in prince george's county. a teenager shot in a hyattsville park tonight died. it happened on nicholson street after 7:00. right now investigators are looking for the gunman. we'll get more information and keep you updated. a dog shot in the streets at a late summer festival. people everywhere heard the gunshot that came from an officer's gun. the whole thing started when that dog and another one confronted each other and ended with a devastated owner and an angry community. fox 5's roby chavez joins us now. >> a lot being said about this. tonight we learned a little more about the sharpie and pitbull mix named parrot. police say he was -- the shar- pei and pitbull mix named parrot. police say he was aggressive and others say he often
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appeared at community events and was gentle. they aren't sure what happened between the two dogs that are fighting. the rescue group said the shooting was tragic and unwarranted. >> where there is hatred, let me so love. >> reporter: prayers for a dog killed at the hands of d.c. police. days after the shooting the anger and sadness remain. his foster owner remembers a kind dog. >> parrot loved to be petted. parrot would prance down the middle of the street. some stranger would come up to pet him and he would immediately roll over on his back and try and extort some sort of belly rub from them. he was an amazing dog. >> they shine in fare well to a warm beloved friend. >> reporter: 100 pet lovers gathered in the pouring rain for a candlelight vigil at the scene where the pitbull shar- pei mix was shot. many still can't believe it happened. >> dogs have rights, too just like people do and the dog was
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unjustly shot and killed and the story is not completely correct and people aren't knowing the real truth about the story. >> it shows that we still have so much more to do in educating people on what pitbulls really are, the true nature of the breed is not aggressive. it is not a killing machine. >> reporter: the drama unfolded this weekend at the adams morgan festival. this poodle and parrot got into a fight. accounts differ, but tended with the smaller dog suffering bites and broken bones. officer scott fyke threw parrot down the steps. the officer said the dog was charging, but witnesses say the dog's owner had him under control even before police arrive. many believe he was shot because he was a pitbull mick. >> we lost parrot in a horrible -- mix. >> we lost parrot in a horrible tragedy, but his death is only the first chapter in a story of awareness, compassion and understanding that we will all
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continue to write. >> his time in this world was cut short, but i know he had several happy months. >> reporter: officials say the breed gets a bad rap. they hope the shooting doesn't stop people from adopting animals just like parrot. >> hopefully it doesn't, but it might deter some people from going into a rescue to adopt a dog, especially a pitbull, if they're given false information about what these animals are like and that's unfortunate because all of these animals are great dogs and they need a second chance. >> reporter: some witnesses say it was the poodle named sushi that started biting first. we also learned tonight that parrot was taken from the baltimore animal shelter by lucky dog animal rescue just a day before he was supposed to be euthanized only to be shot weeks later in adams morgan. >> roby chavez tonight. four metro access drive as cued of sexual a -- drivers accused of sexual assault of
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disabled customers. an independent agency will lead the probe into how those drivers are hired and trained. could the weapon to fight texting and driving actually be a phone app? a company tried to stop it has come up with an ironic solution. fox 5's wisdom martin shows us. >> reporter: cory gaacobi's 16- year-old daughter doesn't have a license yet, but she does have a cell phone. >> in the last year she's become very attached to the cell phone and her friends are constantly texting her. >> reporter: like other parents she worries about her daughter being distracted when she does start driving. >> what we noticed in my family anyway is that whenever we are driving and we see people do really dangerous things on the road, we often notice that they're talking on the phone or texting. >> reporter: texting while driving has been a national probable. darcy awl of alum software came
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up with an idea for a cell phone application after her own frightening experience trying to teach her 16-year-old son how to drive. >> as we pulled into 95 on connecticut both of our cell phones rang simultaneously and as he struggled to fish his out of his pocket, he was weaving across the dotted lines. >> reporter: it works with any phone that has gps. the driver will no longer be able to receive phone calls after the driver reaches a certain speed or text messages. >> i lost my mother to a driver texting on a cell phone in 1998. i think people would be focused on driving again and we'd be a lot safer. we don't realize how distracted we are. >> reporter: what does this 16- year-old think about the app? >> it works really well. >> we had been talking about it oh two years now as a family about what -- over two years now as a family about what could there possibly be? >> reporter: now that the app
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is available cory feels better about her driver being on the road and even better about others not being distracted. wisdom martin, fox 5 news. the pope's historic visit scarred by controversy. coming up next you'll hear his strongest remarks yet on the abuse scandal that has the church reeling. also ahead deep inside the heart of america's spy satellite network. i'm tom fitzgerald, coming up an exclusive look inside the national reconnaissance office in virginia. n
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the investigation into those anthrax attacks in 2001 not over yet. the government accountability office will review the fbi's investigation. the fbi concluded dr. bruce ivans acted alone but the fbi wants to make sure the case is airtight. ivans killed himself before charges could be filed. another scientist dr. steven hatfield was never charged with anything despite being a focus
10:24 pm
of the investigation for months. pope benedict xvi spoke out today about the world wide sex scandal that's shaken the catholic church. he's on a trip now to the uk, but his trip has been overshadowed by controversy. fox 5's laura evans is following developments from our satellite center. >> the controversy seemed to be set aside today for some time as tens of thousands of people gathered to welcome the pope. scottish singing sensation susan boyle even serenaded him, but it was later that pope benedict and queen elizabeth, ii broached more unpleasant subjects. pope benedict xvi making history with the first official papal visit to brit taken in nearly 500 years. that's what king hen -- when king henry, ivvv spliwith the catholic church. -- henry viii split with the catholic church. >> religion has always been a crucial element in national
10:25 pm
identity and historical self- consciousness. >> reporter: but the pope had a warning for england. >> it's always maintained its respect for traditional value and more will have a longer value. >> reporter: the thin crowds along the popemobile's route may be an indication of what benedict was talking about. there are only 5 million catholics among britain's 60 million people and overall church attendance is reportedly around 12%. meanwhile the trip has been marred by controversy because of the pope's conservative stance on contraception, homosexuality and the priesthood. >> those views are not shared by most british people. they are not shared by most british catholics. >> reporter: the ranks of british priests have not been affected by the current child abuse scandal as much as those in ireland or continental europe. still the pope addressed the issue on the flight in calling the practice perverse. >> it is also a great sadness that the authorities of the church were not sufficiently
10:26 pm
tinge vigilant and insufficiently quick -- sufficiently vigilant and insufficiently quick in taking measures. >> reporter: tonight the pope is on the next leg of his trip including a trip to westminster abbey where a coronation of king henry the viii was held long ago. chances are you've never heard of it, but it's the glue that holds together america's spy satellite network. we'll explain the ambitious project that local office is taking on to upgrade its espionage arsenal. it's an explosion at a cheerleading competition. we'll tell you what went so terribly wrong coming up. (music playing)
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. they are key to keeping the united states safe from attack. spy satellites have been around for decade, but in a few days a new generation of satellites will be launched to take over the job of being america's eyes in the sky. tonight we have a rare look inside the united states spy satellite network. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has this exclusive report. >> reporter: inside the operations center for the national reconnaissance office. >> it can be pretty strenuous at times. >> reporter: -- air force colonel charlotte wilson has her hands full. >> sometimes a lot of phones can be going off at one time, just depends what's going on. >> reporter: this is the nerve center of america's spy satellite network even though most folks have never heard of it. >> it's okay if they don't know. we're delighted to tell our story, but we certainly don't advertise what we do.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: nro director bruce carlson runs an agency responsible for launching and operating spy satellites circling the globe. >> it's here that we devise the methods and techniques to spy on the other guys from space. >> reporter: with a nation at wartimes have changed and in a few days a new generation of spy satellites will take their place in american espionage arsenals. what's changed is the enemy, no longer are 1960's capsules like this one shooting film of soviet missile bases, instead these days the job would be pinpointing a terrorist training camp or intercepting a phone call. to meet that challenge the national reconnaissance office is rolling out an ambitious project. the colonel says the launches start monday and go until spring. >> we're in a situation now where we're going to launch six individual different satellites all within about six months from opposite coasts back and forth. >> reporter: and the payoff for
10:32 pm
the people who keep their eyes on america's eyes in the sky. >> when i can go home feeling that i helped and participated in national security. >> reporter: at the national reconnaissance office in virginia, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. now to the economy, a boost for small business. earlier today the senate pass the legislation that will make it easier for small businesses to get credit and tax breaks if next panned and hire new workers. democrats -- they expand and hire new workers. democrats praised the bill, but republicans denounced it. >> our economy is struggling to create jobs and all the spending is one of the reasons why. creating jobs is what people sent us here to do and now is the time to do it. >> the legislation passed today with the help of two republicans giving democrats the 60 votes needed to break the gop filibuster. the bill now heads back to the house where it originally passed in june. president obama has vowed to sign it once he gets it to his desk. of course, it is no surprise the recession has been painful, but could you live on
10:33 pm
less than $1,100 a year? turns out millions are doing just that living below the poverty line. tonight new census numbers confirm just how desire the situation really is. fox's david lee miller shows us what the numbers mean and the people behind them. >> reporter: one in seven americans live in poverty. that's the sobering statistic from the census bureau's annual report on the economic well- being of u.s. households. here's how the numbers break down. the overall poverty rate which covers all ages climbed to 14.3% or 43.6 million people in 2009. that's up from 13.2% or 39.8 million people the year before. among the working age population which is folks 18 to 65 years old poverty rose from 11.7% to 12.9%. the statistics cover president obama's first year in office when unemployment climbed to 10% in the months after the financial meltdown. the president releasing a statement on the census
10:34 pm
bureau's numbers saying in part, "even before the recession hit middle class incomes had been stagnant and the number of people living in poverty in america was unacceptably high and today's numbers make it clear that our work is just beginning." the actual number of people considered in poverty last year is the largest number in the 51 years that data has been available. the 14.3% number is the highest since 1994. still it was lower than what analysts expected. many were predicting a climb somewhere in the range of 14.7% to 15% based on last year's skyrocketing unemployment. >> i think there have been a lot of predictions out there projecting the poverty rate going up more than we suggested. that's one of the reasons we don't do suggestions and rely on the survey data to look at the information. >> reporter: the federal expansion of unemployment benefits kept the overall poverty rate down. in new york david lee miller, fox news. an explosion at a
10:35 pm
cheerleading contest, wait till you hear what went wrong. and this video right here is sparking outrage, a mother caught on camera training her toddler to smoke pot. inventors creating the cars of the future, now three of them have won a $10 million prize. but first gold fever sweeping through investors. neil cavuto has that and more in tonight's business report. >> banks are foreclosing on a record breaking clip taking over more than 95,000 homes last month. that is up 25% since last august. gold prices have never been higher settling above 1,270 bucks for the ounce for the first time ever. when more anxiety pops up, generally gold prices usually go. to wall street the dow gaining 22 points today, now up more than 150 point on the year. the nasdaq and s&p also in positive territory. fedex delivering bad news,
10:36 pm
though. it is planning to close up 200 locations, cut 1,700 jobs. fedex's quarterly profit doubling, but the delivery company saying it is bracing for an economic slowdown. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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caught on camera, a cheerleading stunt in the philippines went horribly wrong. the smoke was planned. that explosion was not. police say someone lit a bottle filled with gun powder to create smoke for this cheerleading competition. instead it burst into flames shooting glass at the dancers and into the crowd. the accidental blast injured
10:40 pm
more than 40 people. the school is investigating. disturbing video out of ohio tonight it of a mother training her toddler to smoke pot. in this video the mother is even heard coaching her 2-year- old daughter how to hold a joint. police say it appears the child has done it before. this cell phone video was taken back in august. it was just released by prosecutors in cincinnati. they say someone who saw the incident turned this video over to police. >> i'm just grateful that somebody in the community was savvy enough and smart enough and cared enough about this little girl that they forwarded it to another phone and brought it to authorities. >> the mother in the case is now charged with child endangerment. if convicted she could be sentenced up to 11 years in prison. coming up at the top of the hour, what pushed him over the edge? police reveal new information about the man who pulled a gun and shot a doctor at one of the nation's most prestigeous hospitals. did you see this? a group of physicians going
10:41 pm
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thunderstorms in the mountains with lots of lightning, what's headed for d.c., your forecast next. n
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10:44 pm
the future is now for several groups of car designers who achieved what many people thought was impossible. they created cars that could get more than 100 miles to the gallon. dozens of teams competed to win progressive insurance's automotive prize. fox 5's melanie alnwick has details. >> reporter: it was a bold challenge of progressive automotive x prize, build a street capable car that gets at least 100 miles a gallon. >> then there was a question could anybody really do it? with x prize we try to set an
10:45 pm
audacious goal just on the edge of reality. >> reporter: three teens step forward to share the $10 million purse and the congratulations. >> we need a few less financial engineers and a few more real engineers like the guys behind us here. >> reporter: in the alternative category the winners were two battery electric vehicles both rating 187 miles a gallon. the x tracer from switzerland is a tandem two seater which looks like a large covered motorcycle. the wave 2 created by lion motors of north carolina is a four-wheel two seater. glenn renwick is ceo of sponsor progressive insurance. >> this is great. it's been several years in the making. we're very proud that we actually created that opportunity and look what's come out of it. >> reporter: edison 2 out of lynchburg virginia took the mainstream category. it's car 98 can seat four people and gets 102 miles a
10:46 pm
gallon using e85 ethanol. winning vehicles also have to be production capable, safe and affordable. >> we upon ourselves put the burden of designing a car that could be in your hands for less than $20,000. >> reporter: 111 teams started out including the losa motors from salisbury maryland featured on fox 5 last year. >> i wouldn't miss it for the world, you know. with a twist of luck we could have been there, too. >> reporter: more so than just prize money, the competition inspired collaboration and invasion among great thinkers pushing each other to redefine what's possible and accelerating the future. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> get a car seat back there? >> maybe one of those cars. >> you can get four people in it, so you never know. >> then if you do that, it's a minivan conference.
10:47 pm
>> a little rain today, much needed rain? >> we could have used more. we have might get another round, but it definitely is going to be a quick hitter what's coming through next. been looking at some thunderstorms out to our west and i cannot believe how fast these are moving east at about 55 miles an hour, as fast as you drive your car and some are producing damaging winds but by the time it gets to d.c. not a whole lot will happen, but you can surely tell there's a lot of moisture in the air as we look live at the washington monument tonight. first stop radar, not much to see around here. yes, it's been raining very lightly, some of that not even showing up on radar, but here comes our next batch that we'll be watching. it does seem to be trying to form into more of a line here. the severe thunderstorm warning that was in effect for garrett county is down now, but down in west virginia we have some thunderstorm warnings down there. so we'll see how these hold together. a little bit ago i noticed a couple of them were rotating, not so much low in the storm, so you could get some damage out of some of these and we're certainly getting quite a good
10:48 pm
light show. we believe as they cross interstate 81 they'll begin to diminish and when they get to d.c., it should just be some showers. a wider view on max hd satellite and radar, you can see what was going on as we switch over to max earlier today. we had a big line come on through and look how it got pretty ferocious especially around manhattan. no reports of tornadoes with the damaging storms that they had in queens and brooklyn and then we're watching, of course, what is coming through our region tonight with our next line ahead of a frontal system. that will move through quickly. as we put it through one more time you can tell this line is definitely weakening coming through, but nine reports of tornadoes, about six of them in the athens county, ohio area and most of the rest in west virginia. not a lot of damage, some damage to some homes with them but no injuries that we've seen so far. these storm definitely packing a punch, but probably not for d.c. it got up to 92 degrees today, though, unbelievable considering the clouds that we
10:49 pm
had, temperatures at dulles 85 degrees. wind direction had a lot to do with that and temperature right now is down to 70 with 60s in most of the suburban areas. we've got a front coming through tonight and that will cool us off. detroit is already down to 59, as is chicago and binghamton 61 degrees. forecast for tonight probably around 68 degrees because with this west, southwest wind it will stay mild for a little while. we'll have some showers, isolated rumbles of thunder, best chance of that west of d.c., but you could get a wind gust to 35 miles an hour out of those until they weaken coming to our area. a few morning clouds, the showers probably gone and a warm afternoon for us but a beautiful friday. we'll get up to about 85 degrees. so warm and sunny on our friday, at 8:00 in the morning 71, by noon 81 and by 4:00 84 degrees. a quick check of futurecast so you can see what's going on with these showers and storms, 10:00 time frame. they pretty much disappear. by 7:00 in the morning most of the showers still out in the
10:50 pm
mountains and then we clear out for the weekend. it's going to be another front up through pennsylvania through the weekend. i think it will come through our area try and maybe just showers for the mountain late sunday -- dry and maybe just some showers for the mountains late on sunday. get ready for kind of a warm day tomorrow, 85 degrees, humidity low and a bit of a breeze out there. the weekend looks terrific. watch for a couple showers in the mountains and monday and tuesday looking great, too. coming up on the news edge we have not talked about our triple hurricane threat. we'll talk about igor, julia and karl and the new tracks. >> thank you, sue. heads up all you american idol hopefuls and dave feldman. you don't have to stand in line for hours to try out. from now until october 6th you can submit an audition video on myspace. you have to be between the ages of 15 and 20 yet. feldy, that might rule you out. submit a video no more than 40 seconds in length. fox 5's parent company also owns myspace. for more details go to
10:51 pm and look under web links. the redskins beat dallas in the first part of their texas two-step, now a match-up with houston awaiting. >> both the skins and texans looking to go 2-0 and two high school teams are looking to go undefeated. we'll start with the high school and get to kyo in a minute. our high school game of the week featuring centreville versus yorktown, both teams undefeated. the yorktown patriots trailing 14-0 at the half. let me show you the video because it was a good game. 4th quarter now we pick it up. centreville's manny smith, 20 yards inside yorktown's 30 and a couple plays later chance roman hits connor callard for the 10-yard touchdown, 20 -0. three minutes left in the game, more wildcats, manny smith up the gut for one more centreville touchdown. the wildcats win 27-0 to improve to 3-0.
10:52 pm
now to the pros who we week to see how well they'll know the upcoming opponent. today's contestant not only a natural to quiz about the texans, but also last week's hero, a little thing we like to call know your opponent. >> it's time for another exciting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host, dave feldman. >> know your opponent with houston native brian orakpo. how are you, brian? >> i'm good. >> reporter: you ready to be quizzed? >> oh, yeah. let's go. >> reporter: in week one the washington redskins beat the dallas cowboys thanks to a great rushing performance by brian orakpo. on the final play when he drew a holding penalty, who held brian orakpo around the neck? >> oh, man. al lacks barron. >> reporter: that is correct. for your -- alex barron. >> reporter: that is correct. for your bonus question who was he replacing? >> good old march colombo. >> reporter: very good 2,--- marc colombo.
10:53 pm
>> reporter: very good, 2-2 right off the start. you know your opponents. the houston texans, your native team, are the only existing teams of the four major pro sports of hockey, basketball, football and basketball baseball that have never done this. >> make the playoffs. >> reporter: yes. is this too easy for you? >> way too easy. >> reporter: fine. which one of these famous people is not from houston, beyonce, george w. bush or roger clemens? >> that's easy. george w. bush. >> reporter: that is correct. that's so easy? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: what was the first word spoken from the moon on july 20th, 1969? the first words dropped when the astronauts went to the moon were? >> houston. >> reporter: houston is correct. you are on fire!
10:54 pm
okay. last one. the word texas is an indian word originally that means sack the quarterback, the cattle are dying, marshmallows or friend. which word does texas mean? >> that's a hard one, man. never heard that. >> reporter: think about it. >> well, texas always say what, friend? >> reporter: that's correct. you were perfect. normally it's 5-5. you went 6- 6. >> i keep telling you i'm a texan. >> reporter: are houstonians smart? >> we all are. we don't walk around with cowboy hats on. you know what i mean? >> reporter: you were perfect. nice job. thank pho yore playing know your opponent. i noticed you were trying to play along. did you go 6-6? >> st. louis not. >> did you know the first word -- absolutely not. >> did you know the first words were houston? >> sure, i did. >> as someone pointed out they said you gave brian easy
10:55 pm
questions. did you look at him? i'm going to give brian whatever he wants and he did very well. >> don't plame you. thanks. still ahead tonight -- blame you. thanks. still ahead tonight a pretty incredible story. this man is donating thousands of dollars to charity, so why has he been living in a homeless shelter for years? today'sed if is brought to you by -- today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep and chrysler dealers. ksgo t
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many people are struggling these days to make ends meet. many charities are struggling just to help out. the generous donation from an unlikely source is helping some virginia nonprofits. fox 5's beth parker has the incredible story. >> reporter: jerry mccart just days from turning 65. he's been putting his life in order giving some money to charity. in fact, there are places he thinks saved his life. >> if i hadn't of lived here, i might not be talking to you today. >> reporter: you see, jerry is
10:59 pm
homeless. since february, 2002 he's lived here at the winchester rescue mission. so this is home? >> yes. >> reporter: jerry does the laundry and answers the phone. he's saved up money from his social security checks. now he's donating $1,000 to the mission, $1,000 to the nonprofit community coalition action project and $500 to a free clinic. >> he had the opportunity, he could have done whatever he wanted with that, but his heart told him to give it where it's most needed. >> reporter: some of the money jerry donated will go to this program, the idea is for men who come to the mission and need help to be able to come here to this warehouse and learn a trade. >> just giving back what people have given me. >> reporter: vicky mcclelland runs the free clinic of the northern shenandoah valley. the donation? >> it just stopped me in my tracks. >> reporter: jerry said the clinic helped diagnose his cancer early. >> it just touched my heart and to know that he had the appreciation and the understanding of the value of the services we provided.


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